IDPANL Open House 5 June 2022

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Join us on Sunday, 5 June 2022, between 12 PM and 4 PM, to learn about this exciting and dynamic handgun shooting sport!

IDPANL match schedule 2022

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January 9

January 30

February 20

March 13

April 3

April 24

May 15

June 5

June 26

July 17

August 7

August 28

September 18

October 2

October 30

November 20

December 11

IDPANL Top Guns provincials shoot 3 Oct 2021

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Many thanks to those who participated in the Top Guns provincials match on 3 October. We had a great turnout, and we very much appreciate all of your assistance in setting up/tearing down stages and helping to keep the stages moving smoothly. The weather conditions were just about ideal.

Eight stages were completed, including two standards and six scenario stages.

Stage 1 – Burn It Down (from the 2021 IDPA Nationals)

Stage 2 – Early Release (from the 2021 IDPA Nationals)

Stage 3 – Fast and Furious (from the 2021 IDPA Nationals)

Stage 4 – Oh No! They’re Back! (from the 2021 IDPA Nationals)

Stage 5 – Speak Easy Shootout (from the 2021 IDPA Nationals)

Stage 6 – Stranger Things (from the 2021 Gulf Coast championship)

Stage 7 – Stg 11 Standard (from the 2021 Texas State Championship)

Stage 8 – Plano (from the 2021 Texas State Championship)

A quick summary of the results:

High ESP, Most Accurate – M.L.
High SSP, High Senior – B.L.
High CDP – J.D.
High REV – E.K.
High CCP – M.S.
High BUG – C.B.
High Distinguished Senior – G.C.

IDPANL match schedule 2021

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The past year has had more than its fair share of change, including a move at our club to PractiScore scoring tabulation and results distribution, reducing the need for much content here.

Still, we will try and keep a presence here with basic information and updates for the club and its members.

Here is the Sunday match schedule for the coming year, 2021:

Jan 10

Jan 31
Feb 21
Mar 14
Apr 11
Apr 25
May 16
June 6

June 27
July 18
August 8

August 29
Sep 19
Oct 3
Oct 31
Nov 21
Dec 12

IDPANL match schedule, 2020

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Here is our IDPANL match schedule for SJRGC Range C in 2020, with the usual every third Sunday arrangement and some juggling to avoid holiday weekends.

The only special event we have added for the moment is the Zombie Shoot on Saturday, 8 August.

We will have other proposed special event dates in due course, including the Open House, Top Guns Provincials, etc.

The schedule does NOT include indoor matches at CGR, which will be scheduled on an “as needed” basis.

Also, it is unlikely that we will be using most of the January and February dates at SJRGC because of winter weather conditions.

19 January
9 February
1 March
22 March
19 April
3 May
24 May
14 June
5 July
26 July
Saturday 8 August (Zombie Apocalypse IX, on ranges A, B and C)
23 August
13 September
27 September
25 October
15 November
6 December

Club match, 19 December 2019

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The final match of the 2019 year was held on this date, indoors at CGR.

We have decided to reduce the match fee from $10 to $5 for indoor matches, so that the total cost per participant remains at $25 per match.

Eleven participants were in attendance, completing a total of four stages, including two standards and two scenario stages.

Stages were as follows:

Stage 1 – Standards

Stage 2 – More Standards LR

Stage 3 – Morning Coffee

Stage 4 – Confrontation

Scores were distributed via PractiScore.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Club match, 1 December 2019

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A club match was held on this date, with a total of seven competitors joining the match.

There were six stages, including four scenarios and two standards stages.

Stages were as follows:

Stage 1 – Mozambique 12 (a 12 round standards stage)

Stage 2 – Team Ten X (a four string, 25 round standards stage)

Stage 3 – Maul of Murica – Food Court Chaos (a 14 round scenario stage)

Stage 4 – Thanksgiving Dinner (a 15 round scenario stage)

Stage 5 – Problem in the Break Room (a 16 round scenario stage)

Stage 6 – Maul of Murica – Out for Drinks (an 11 round scenario stage)

We are moving to the PractiScore scoring app, so expect this format in future matches.

Next match is very likely to take place indoors at CGR, sometime during the week before Christmas Day.

Club match, 17 November 2019

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An off schedule mini match was held on this date, with six competitors joining the fray.

Stages were as follows:

Stage 1 – Classifier

Stage 2 – Night Shoot – Close Contact

Stage 3 – Trouble at the ATM

Stage 4 – Bianchi Barrel Race

Scores were distributed by Practiscore, but without a final ranking due to some stages not being completed.

Next regularly scheduled club match is set for December 1.

Club match scores, 10 November 2019

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Conditions were ideal for the late autumn club match held on Sunday, 10 November 2019.

There were a total of six stages, all of them being scenario stages and including a pair of multi-gun stages, as follows:

Stage 1 – Watering Hole Fiasco (a 15 round scenario stage)

Stage 2 – Collin County (an 18 round scenario stage)

Stage 3 – Office Disturbance (an 18 round scenario stage)

Stage 4 – Get Mean (a 12 round scenario stage)

Stage 5 – Plinking at the (Mag) Dump (a 12 round two gun scenario stage, rifle/pistol)

Stage 6 – Wild, Wild East (a 28 round three gun scenario stage, rifle/shotgun/pistol)

The scores are posted below (with total penalties and points down in square brackets):

NameClass/DivStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Total

* Best scores are in bold.

During the lunch break, we held the draw for the AR-15 lower contest and M.S. was the lucky winner! Congrats!

Thanks to the folks who were able to attend the match, and for helping set up and tear down the stages. My apologies for having to duck out early!

The next regularly scheduled club match is set for Sunday, 1 December 2019.

Please take a moment today to remember our veterans, whether you are attending formal ceremonies or in your own quiet way.

Club match scores, 20 October 2019

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We had a bit of a late start to the match that was held 20 October, but the turnout was great and the weather wasn’t terribly uncooperative. We are hoping to be able to squeeze a handful of more outdoor matches into the season before we retreat to the comforts of indoor matches at Complete Gun Repair.

We completed five stages, including the abbreviated classifier, comprising four scenario and one standards stage (and requiring 96 rounds). The stages were as follows:

Stage 1 – IDPA 5×5 Classifier (a 25 round standards stage)

Stage 2 – TSA Agent (a 17 round scenario stage)

Stage 3 – Corridors (a two string, 20 round scenario stage)

Stage 4 – Halloween Horror (a 17 round scenario stage)

Stage 5 – Park Bench Hangover (a 17 round scenario stage)

Here are the scores (with total penalties and points down in square brackets):

Name Div/Class Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Total
J.D. SSP/SS 29.77[6] 30.48[4] 23.03[4] 38.68[13] 23.81[2] 145.77[29]
B.L. PCC/SS 17.12[1] 34.33[8] 30.88[11] 34.80[2] 28.08[0] 145.21[22]
M.L. ESP/SS 33.25[5] 24.65[1] 23.17[0] 47.31[16] 30.75[4] 159.13[26]
E.K. ESP/UN 56.10[9] 68.46[38] 42.18[5] 68.31[28] 48.93[10] 283.98[90]
G.C. SSP/SS 42.06[13] 28.40[7] 24.67[0] 44.52[13] 32.36[1] 172.01[34]
G.N. CCP/SS 33.10[7] 46.38[14] 37.11[5] 34.88[3] 29.46[2] 170.93[31]
T.C. PCC/UN 20.00[0] 22.40[4] 41.52[10] 34.43[6] 23.20[1] 141.55[21]
J.G. ESP/MM 52.01[26] 38.62[9] 34.39[0] 39.75[4] 35.36[2] 200.13[41]
M.L. PCC/UN 22.03[4] 28.53[3] 23.52[6] 34.71[8] 37.87[1] 146.66[22]
M.S. SSP/SS 37.20[12] 35.36[11] 23.52[0] 42.47[5] 31.32[0] 169.87[28]
B.L. ESP/SS 39.40[17] 23.02[2] 22.68[1] 29.68[4] 21.70[0] 136.48[24]

Best scores in bold.

Good match! Lots of close scores, and the PCC field is steadily growing!

The next match is scheduled for Sunday, 10 November.

A last reminder to get out and vote on 21 October if you haven’t already done so, and to have as many of your friends and family do the same. Let’s hope for the best result possible.

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